Npuls reading- and listening tips for summer

The holiday season has arrived! It’s time to slow down and make room for new ideas. Npuls has specially curated a selection of reading and listening tips to enrich your summer with inspiration.


05 July 2024 3 min

Interview – Student and rector about the education of the future
Npuls invited student Saar Schnieders and rector Peter-Paul Verbeek from the University of Amsterdam to share their thoughts on the future of education as digital technology, particularly artificial intelligence, rapidly transforms our society. A conversation about opportunities, threats, and breaking boundaries.

Interview – Collaborating on solutions for the entire sector
Colleagues in the Transformation hub Digital Educational Resources have extensive expertise in the functionality and use of digital educational resources. Their counterparts in technology infrastructure complement this with expertise in architecture and technology. In short, these two teams complement and strengthen each other through collaboration. Captains Rose van Iperenburg and Menno de Waal discuss their cooperation (in Dutch).

Article – So, what will Npuls deliver in the future?
Gerdinand Bosch, programme director of Npuls, shares in his summer column how Npuls, in collaboration with all vocational education training schools, universities of applied sciences, and research universities, is building world-class education. By learning together, we work on innovative, collaborative solutions where Npuls supports educational institutions in addressing societal challenges. Together, we are making education future-proof!

Article – So, what do you actually do?
This is a question familiar to Irene Wannet. Since last summer, she has been leading the focus area Knowledge hub Learning & Innovation. But what exactly does being a captain entail? And how do you encapsulate this in a short ‘birthday pitch’? (In Dutch)

Magazine – On the road to success with Learning Analytics
Do you want to implement learning analytics effectively within your education sector? Get inspired by the first edition of the Learning Analytics magazine, which shares best and worst practices and offers insights on how to optimally utilise learning analytics.

Magazine – Lifelong learning with microcredentials
The Microcredentials magazine captures the movement around microcredentials. In the magazine, you can read about the added value of microcredentials, lessons learned from the pilot, the vision of administrators, and the experiences of employers. Nearly 50 pages of interviews, columns, statistics, reflections, and more (in Dutch).

Magazine – Smarter education with AI
In the magazine “Smarter Education with AI,” you will find practical tips for the classroom, interviews with leading experts, background stories, and inspiring examples of AI in education. Various themes are covered, including applying AI in education, AI and assessment, ethics, guidelines, and policy. Want to inspire colleagues after the summer with our AI magazine? You can! Request AI magazines here.

Podcast – About agile and better organised education
In this episode (in Dutch) of “De Kracht van Onderwijs,” Curio’s podcast series, Lodewijk Asscher, chairman of Npuls, is a guest. In this episode, Lodewijk expresses his concerns about increasing inequality due to digitalisation, advocates for equal access to education, and aims to reduce disparities between educational institutions.

Podcast – About the Pilot hub XR
In this episode of “Data Dialoog,” the podcast series from Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Esther van der Linde and Jeroen Bottema explore the world of XR. Esther, as the pioneer of the Pilot hub XR, and Jeroen from Inholland University, share their insights on the benefits and challenges of XR in education. They discuss scaling innovative techniques and the necessity of collaboration between educational institutions to realise the transformative value of XR.


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Npuls wishes you a wonderful summer holiday. See you in September!

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