Smarter education with AI magazine

The opportunities and risks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are causing quite a stir in the education sector. It’s widely used, and at the same time, much remains unknown, and many misconceptions exist. It’s time for a magazine full of information and inspiration for teachers and other education professionals!

05 October 2023 1 min

In the magazine “Smarter education with AI”, you’ll find practical tips for the classroom, interviews with leading experts, background stories, and inspiring examples of AI in education. Various topics are covered, including the application of AI in education, AI and assessment, ethics, guidelines, and policy.

Npuls pilothub Study Data and AI has worked hard on this (with Dominique Campman as project leader and Bram Enning and JaapJan Vroom as captains of transformation), in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kim Schildkamp (professor at the ELAN teacher training programme at the University of Twente) and participants from the education sector including the Dutch AI Coalition | NL AIC, NOLAI, Special Interest Group AI in Education, Kennisnet, SURF, and various educational institutions from vocational, higher professional, and academic education.

Whether you’re a teacher, education professional, or technology enthusiast, this magazine is for anyone who wants to read about the development of AI in education.


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