Npuls not affected by cancelation National Growth Fund  

In the coalition agreement presented yesterday, it has become clear that the National Growth Fund will be scrapped. This means that rounds 4 and 5, rounds that were previously announced but not yet open for applications, will not go ahead. Grants from Growth Fund programmes awarded in earlier rounds, rounds 1, 2 or 3, will continue to be honoured.  

17 May 2024 1 min

This means Npuls will not be affected by the cancellation of the National Growth Fund. The Digitalisation Impulse Education application, the title of Npuls’ grant application, was submitted in the second round. The money awarded, most of which is currently a reservation, will remain.

Npuls’ grant has been awarded in two phases. Phase 1 lasts for two years and was awarded unconditionally. This allowed Npuls to start on 1 July 2023. Phase 2 lasts six years and should start on 1 July 2025. The money for Phase 2 was granted on condition that Npuls achieves its targets of Phase 1. Thus, the grant for Phase 2 is currently a reservation, and this reservation will remain under the new coalition agreement.

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