Learning Analytics Magazine: best and worst practices

Inspiration and practitioner stories on how to get started with learning analytics

30 May 2024 1 min

Learning Analytics (LA) is at various stages of implementation within tertiary education in the Netherlands. While some institutions are still at the beginning, exploring the possibilities, others are scaling up their initial successes. There are various factors that can either promote or hinder the implementation of LA, regardless of the stage an institution is in. To support institutions in the implementation process, we have analysed more than 100 articles and categorised the factors into six themes, which can serve as a guide for an effective and efficient introduction of LA.

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Educational professionals in mbo, hbo and wo

This magazine is the first output of the project “Best and Worst Practices Learning Analytics,” which is one of the projects from the Npuls pilothub Study Data & AI. Learning Analytics (LA) focuses on answering questions from educational practice using student data. The goal is to analyse and report on student data to enhance the quality of education. In this project, insights from literature and practice are combined into outputs that are easily accessible and aimed at easy translation into practice.

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