Successful kick-off CTL scheme brings educational institutions together

On 27 June, the kick-off meeting took place regarding the CTL subsidy scheme. This meeting marked an important milestone in Npuls’ ambition that by 2032, every public vocational education training school, university of applied sciences, and research university will have a Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL).

11 July 2023 3 min

The aim of the meeting was to inform participating educational institutions about the CTL scheme, exchange experiences, and lay the groundwork for collaboration.

The kick-off meeting attracted a large audience, both live on location in Utrecht and online. On location, there were 71 representatives from thirteen vocational education training schools, twenty universities of applied sciences, ten research universities, and representatives from DUS-I and the Ministry of OCW. Online, a group of 174 interested parties followed the meeting, including 33 from vocational education training schools, 28 from universities of applied sciences, and 13 from research universities. A good distribution from the sector.

Update on Npuls and the CTL scheme

The programme of the meeting was divided into two parts. The first hybrid part began with an explanation of developments within Npuls by Manon Geven, liaison officer of the MBO Raad, followed by a presentation on the CTL scheme by Maarten Kuiper. Nynke Kruiderink reflected on the regional meetings. After this, there was room for questions and interaction.

After the break, the second part continued with those present on location. We concluded the afternoon with a pleasant social gathering.

Getting acquainted and collaborating

During the second hour, the on-site participants got to know each other better using the ‘Over the Line’ exercise. We discovered that about twenty participants intend to apply for the first round of the subsidy scheme. A similar number stepped over the line when asked if they already have an idea with whom they will collaborate for the CTL scheme. These two groups did not fully overlap.

The subsequent discussions about collaboration were inspiring and constructive. Various levels of collaboration were discussed, identifying opportunities and challenges. Lessons were also learned from existing collaborations, and new forms were discovered.

The participants unanimously agreed that this is just the beginning of an educational journey, where educational institutions can continue to learn from each other. To support this process, a Teams environment has been set up for the National Knowledge Network of CTLs. We are also organising a series of meetings to guide institutions towards applying for the CTL scheme. The first online meetings are scheduled for 11 July and 22 August.

The presentation of the kick-off and other relevant information about CTLs and the scheme can be found here. You will also find a Q&A section and an interview with Andrea Kottman, CTL expert.

With this kick-off, the foundation has been laid for fruitful collaboration between educational institutions in the Netherlands. But the real work is just beginning, and only together can we accomplish this task!



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