Moving education

National Growth Fund programme by and for all public vocational and education training schools, universities of applied sciences and research universities in The Netherlands.

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Npuls moves education on the heartbeat of innovation

The Netherlands has world class education. As the tertiary education sector, it’s our ambition to maintain and increase the quality of our education. Because: education is the engine that drives society. In times of rapid developments in society and on the labour market, characterised by digitalisation and the rapid development (and therefore obsolescence) of knowledge, education has the ability to continuously contribute to these developments with new insights and skills.  

 Moreover, the sector contributes to achieving digital inclusion and reducing inequality of opportunity. In doing so, the education sector fulfils an essential task in times of ageing and contributes permanently to the prosperity and earning capacity of our country.  

Current changes in society call for a rapid transformation of education. This means actively building and adjusting. All vocational and educational training schools, universities of applied sciences and research universities are building a future-proof education sector with Npuls over the next eight years. We will build a sector that organises itself smartly and strongly from within. A sector that is resilient and actively anticipates society’s changes and demands. By working together, we purposefully give impetus to innovation and are making use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation. Digitalisation is the means, not the end.   

We are working towards a sector providing high-quality education that continuously keeps itself updated and relevant. To enable institutions to do so, we are working on sector-wide agreements and standards, so  we can develop education that meet new demands faster. We work on an education sector where learners are digitally proficient, so their digital literacy is better aligned with developments of the labour market and society. We work on organising education and providing digital educational resources and knowledge through a common infrastructure. And we work together to create an education sector that can better utilise the possibilities of public-private partnerships. Whilst digital sovereignty of institutions is guaranteed and our public values are protected. With expertise, digital tools, standards, and a high-quality technological infrastructure, we give a continuous stimulus to increasing the quality and efficiency of education.   

We connect people. Locally, nationally and internationally, we link knowledge to knowledge, wishes to experiences, best practices to practice.    

We are learners, lecturers, developers, and administrators from all Vocational and Training schools, Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities, building together the best conceivable ecosystem. So everyone enjoys optimal education.   

We are Npuls. Moving Education. 


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Moving education