Name change: Knowledge hub learning & innovation

22 March 2024 2 min

The part of the programme that was previously known as ‘Knowledge Infrastructure’ has a new name: ‘Knowledge hub learning & innovation’. This name is a better reflection of the essence and objectives of this programme. 

Connection to the mission 

The mission of the Knowledge hub learning & innovation is to promote a learning culture within vocational education, universities of applied sciences and universities. We believe in an educational landscape in which education professionals work together both inside and outside their institution, learn from each other and actively share knowledge about educational innovation with ICT. With this being our ambition, the new name is a perfect fit. 

Why a new name? 

The new name ‘Knowledge hub learning & innovation’ summarizes a number of important values of the programme component: 

  1. Connection: more emphasis on the connecting element. It’s about a technical infrastructure and bringing together knowledge, networks and expertise.
  2. Focus on purpose: ‘learning & innovating’ refers to the goal we are working towards. It is not only about acquiring knowledge, but also about applying it and continuously renewing it. 
  3. Learning together: as a hub, we support and facilitate collaboration within and outside the institution and sector.

Although we place less emphasis on the technical side in our name, we are still working on a sustainable knowledge infrastructure that also includes technical components. 

What can you expect? 

The name changes, the goals remain the same. What you can expect from the Knowledge hub learning & innovation: 

  • Innovation: the Knowledge hub will act as a connector for innovation and collaboration. This will be done, among other things, in the CTL’s and in networks and communities.
  • Learning: we facilitate knowledge sharing and learning from each other, by making knowledge easier to find and share. We also initiate new research into educational innovations with ICT. We also support the application of this knowledge and innovations within institutions. We facilitate sharing and learning from each other, by making knowledge easier to find and share.
  • Networking: the Knowledge hub brings together education professionals. From lecturer support staff to researchers. From existing networks to new initiatives.    

Want to know more? 

If you want to know more about the Knowledge hub programme, contact us via the Knowledge hub learning & innovation page on the Npuls website.