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In 2032, Dutch tertiary education (vocational and education training school, universities of applied sciences and research universities) will have a coherent service portfolio for digital educational resources with which learners and lecturers can assemble and use an optimal mix of digital educational resources from a single national digital ecosystem. The educational institutions control the price and conditions of access and use of purchased digital learning resources from private content providers.

What is this transformation hub about?


The transformation hub Digital Educational Resources ensures that learners and lecturers have access to an optimal mix of digital educational resources, including open, semi-open and purchased educational resources. This is a rich range of digital educational resources that they can use according to their personal needs. It doesn’t matter where the resources come from, or whether they are commercial or open.

By achieving a diverse, rich and up-to-date range of educational resources, we enhance the quality of education. We do this by working on a set of facilities, both technical facilities and national agreements. Technical facilities include, for example, linking the learning environment to a national repository facility such as edusources. We will use exploratory studies together with educational institutions to gain insight into which facilities are deployed. The national agreements include copyright and how we deal with data, in order to be able to collaborate better with publishers. In addition to these developments, we are also committed to the transformation within educational institutions, deploying various instruments to help different target groups, such as libraries, within educational institutions. In this way, we are jointly working on a complete range of educational resources available and building a lively community of Open Educational Resources where knowledge and expertise are exchanged.

This will ensure that everyone in tertiary education in the Netherlands will soon have easy and smooth access to good digital educational resources. Collectively, we can manage the costs of digital educational resources for educational institutions and educational institutions can guarantee their public function via public values and Sustainable Development Goals (inclusiveness, equality, accessibility and high-quality education) in their digital educational resources that they provide to learners.

Who are we doing this for?

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… have access to the most up-to-date and relevant digital educational resources in one place


Lecturers(teams) and professional communities

… have access to an optimal mix of up-to-date and inspiring digital educational resources and can easily create, reuse, procure and offer these to learners

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Educational institutions

… are in charge and support their own lecturers in creating, accessing and purchasing high-quality digital educational resources

What would we like to achieve?

The activities of the transformation hub ensure that control is back in the hands of educational institutions. We are working towards a more efficient and accessible system for digital educational resources for everyone in Dutch tertiary education. To achieve these ambitions of the transformation hub, the team is committed to:

  1. Developing a national digital ecosystem for sharing and reusing digital educational resources that works for every type of education. Learners and lecturers have access to an optimal mix of digital educational resources.
  2. Facilitating the conversation around copyright, data, metadata and technology standards and around the procurement and co-creation of educational resources that will be laid down in a public-private agreement system, putting the control back in the hands of educational institutions.
  3. The biggest change will take place within the educational institution. The transformation hub facilitates the educational institutions, by focusing on increasing the range of educational resources and support around the adoption of digital educational resources.
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What foundation are we building on?

The programmes Doorpakken op Digitalisering and the Acceleration Plan have produced concrete products that the transformation hub Digital Educational Resources will continue to work with. In fact, the end point of both programmes is the basis for the launch of the transformation hub. The outcomes of the programmes provide important components for guidance and direction for the work of the transformation hub.

In the programme Doorpakken op Digitalisering, for instance, the vocational and education training schools have focused on the Educational Resources Chain and educational resources policy, of which digital educational resources are part. The Educational Resources theme team helped schools increase knowledge and understanding of the learning resources chain by outlining a vision and developing a programme of requirements for a robust chain. The delivered products help schools make an informed choice of educational resources that is in line with the school’s vision and the school fee service document.

The team of the Towards Digital (Open) Educational Resources zone of the Acceleration Plan worked on making optimal use of the potential of digital educational resources in higher education, for which, among other things, a vision was developed around the optimal mix of educational resources in 2025. It also worked on the further development of SURF’s platform for open educational resources edusources, while also focusing on implementation within the institutions. A community of stakeholders that emerged as a result is an important partner in further activities. At administrative level, the National Approach to digital and open educational resources was signed by the Netherlands Association of the Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities of the Netherlands, marking the first steps towards directing educational resources.


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