ICT infrastructure becomes Digital services for the education sector

The program component ‘ICT Infrastructure’ has been renamed ‘Digital services for the education sector’.

16 November 2023 2 min

The new name emphasizes the core of the program component – which lies in developing digital services for the education sector, from technology to agreement systems, and from product management to architecture.

“We are building, with and for all public vocational education training schools, universities of applied sciences, and research universities in the Netherlands. Safe and reliable digital services for the education sector, so that we can work towards high-quality education that is continuously updated, a sector where public values are leading, and a system that is agilely organized for all learners – the initial student and lifelong learner.”

– Rose van Iperenburg (captain of transformation) and Jos van der Woude (program manager)

Rose van Iperenburg en Jos

Building national digital services for the education sector

Microcredentials, pursuing education without administrative barriers, digital learning materials, the collaboration between educational institutions and the job market – all hinge on a robust infrastructure and the right digital services for the education sector. With the ‘Digital Services for the Education Sector’ program component, we shape the collective ICT landscape in Dutch public further education. This ensures easy and efficient collaboration between institutions, with the job market, and with suppliers.

The program component, in close consultation, realizes the facilities that arise from the projects of the other Npuls program components. Consider facilities for the dissemination of digital learning materials. On the other hand, the ‘Digital Services for the Education Sector’ program component has the task of monitoring the coherence and safeguarding of public values.

Joint management

Digital services for the education sector encompass all activities required to develop, provide, maintain, and support digital services. Think of a learner’s own digital identity and wallet. To make these available and maintain them, digital services for the education sector are needed that are jointly managed and implemented by every institution. In doing so, we take the national sector architectures of VET (MOSA) and higher education (HOSA) as a starting point and work together with the program components, educational institutions, and chain partners.

Want to know more?

The above activities are just a selection from the plans of the program component. If you want to know more about Digital Services for the Education Sector, please contact us via the program component’s page.


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