Team Npuls

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This is the Npuls team

Programme team and programme support

  • Berent Daan – Programma director
  • Judith Huisman – Secretary
  • Johanna de Groot – Liaison SURF 
  • Elsbeth Vonkeman – Liaison The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences
  • Anne-Roos Renkema – Liaison Universities of the Netherlands
  • Manon Geven – Liaison MBO Raad 
  • Charlotte Heystek – Head of Communications
  • Jan Nieuwenhuis – HR-advisor
  • Gert Pijl – Controller  
  • Miranda Hoogvliet – Management assistant of Berent Daan 
  • Kelly Hogervorst- Project support
  • Anouk Sikking – Project support


Communications team

  • Charlotte Heystek 
  • Kiki Leijdekkers 
  • Eva Drenth


Focus areas

These are the (temporary) programme managers and coordinators of the focus areas:

Technological Infrastructure
Programme manager: Jos van der Woude
Captain of transformation: Rose van Iperenburg

Knowledge Infrastructure
Programme manager: Hilde Schwantje (a.i.) and Maarten Kuiper (a.i.)
Programma manager from 21 August: Marian Kat-de Jong
Captains of transformation: Aukje Leufkens and Irene Wannet

Transformation hub Digital Educational Resources
Programme manager: Lieke Rensink
Captains of transformation: Menno de Waal and Wilma van Wezenbeek

Transformatiehub Hub Agile and Efficiently Organised Education
Programme manager: Pauline Kamphorst
Captains of transformation: Ulrike Wild, Ashwin Brouwer and Bram van der Kruk

Pilothub Data and AI
Project leader: Dominique Campman
Captains of transformation: JaapJan Vroom and
Bram Enning

Pilothub EdTech
Project leader: Jelle Kok 

Pilothub XR
Project leader: Esther van der Linde


 Steering committee

  • Lodewijk Asscher – independent chairperson  
  • Mirjam Koster – VET Council (MBO Raad) 
  • Oege de Jong – VET Council (MBO Raad) 
  • Timo Kos – Association of Universities of Applied Sciences  
  • Geleyn Meijer (a.i.) – Association of Universities of Applied Sciences   
  • Arthur Mol – Universities of the Netherlands  
  • Peter-Paul Verbeek – Universities of the Netherlands  
  • Jet de Ranitz – SURF
  • Taco Fens – Ministry of Education, Culture and Science 

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