Developing a full-scale national EdTech ecosystem. An ecosystem in which educational institutions are independent, supply and demand are aligned and EdTech innovations are sustainably secured.

Developing a full-scale national EdTech ecosystem


Educational technology (EdTech) has become an integral part of education – it enables blended and hybrid teaching, equips lecturers with digital tools, and facilitates innovation with digitalisation. And these are just a few examples of the possibilities EdTech offers. EdTech has the potential to improve learning presentations and the process and content of education, as well as to better meet the needs of the labour market and society.


There is a huge EdTech offering, which learners and lecturers aren’t t yet able to use optimally. Also, educational institutions are often dependent on large EdTech companies. The pilot hub aims to better align the demands of educational institutions and the supply of EdTech companies. This will allow institutions to better adhere to our public values. The procurement process is an important pillar in this: in the pilot hub, we focus on guiding and stimulating innovative ways of procurement. We also focus on developing sustainable adoption and thoughtful use of EdTech by lecturers within educational institutions. 

Who are we doing this for?

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… get better education through EdTech (e.g. by supporting EdTech solutions in flexible education)


Education professionals

… have knowledge and skills about EdTech, have tools and work with EdTech companies

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Procurement professionals

… have innovative procurement methods for collaboration with EdTech suppliers

What would we like to achieve?

The pilot hub EdTech aims to contribute to the development of a fully-fledged national EdTech ecosystem. In doing so, the pilot hub contributes to the development of a full national EdTech ecosystem. In this ecosystem, educational institutions are independent of large EdTech companies and operate on the basis of their own public values. The demand from educational institutions and the supply from EdTech companies align, as new and improved forms of cooperation between educational institutions and EdTech are developed. In addition, EdTech innovations are developed from the educational institutions and there is room to scale them up and embed them sustainably.

Based on this, we have the following objectives:

  • Develop the field of (collaborating) on EdTech solutions more professionally;
  • Improving the procurement strategy towards EdTech suppliers;
  • Developing new and improved forms of cooperation between educational institutions and EdTech companies;
  • Increasing opportunities to develop and scale up EdTech innovations from educational institutions. 
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