Technology Infrastructure

Building a high-quality sectoral technology infrastructure for Dutch tertiary education. From technology to appointment systems and from product management to architecture. 

Building a sectoral infrastructure


Microcredentials, digital educational resources, the cooperation between educational institutions and the labour market – all of this depends on a good infrastructure. With a technology infrastructure, we shape the joint technology landscape in Dutch public tertiary education. In this way, we ensure easy and efficient cooperation between institutions and with the labour market, and we give substance to the Lifelong Learning initiative.    

The technology infrastructure comprises all activities necessary to develop, make available, maintain and support services to build a sector-wide technology infrastructure. Here, we respond to the principles of the Higher Education Sector Architecture (HOSA) and the Middle Vocational Education Sector Architecture (MOSA). This includes building the technology and architecture, agreement systems (national and international) and product management and support on the services provided.  

The activities of this focus of the programme include:  

  • Developing and organising technology solutions for e.g. pilots (Microcredentials/Student Mobility) and service development. This is done in cooperation with the transformation hubs and chain partners.  
  • (Further) development of architecture and arriving at (international) standards. Think of filling preconditions and developing appointment systems and a data exchange architecture.   
  • Organising a technical platform for development and management  
  • Providing expertise for technical implementation and adoption at institutions (this is a joint responsibility of technology infrastructure and the hubs)  
  • Realising an authentication and authorisation infrastructure  

In this focus area, in collaboration with SURF and other partners, we build on the results of pilots from the programmes Doorpakken op Digitalisering and the Acceleration Plan. 

Who are we doing this for?


All learners, lecturers and support staff

… so they can easily use the sectoral infrastructure

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Vocational and education traning schools, universities of applied sciences and research universities

… are connected to the sectoral technology infrastructure



… are all involved where needed

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… of educational and business applications, digital educational resources, among others, we collaborate with

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Technology departments

… within the institutions and in consultation with existing consulting committees

What would we like to achieve?

With a sectoral technology infrastructure, we make cooperation between institutions and with the labour market easier and more efficient, and together fulfil the ambition of facilitating lifelong learning (LLL). Some of the goals set are:  

  • The further development of education platforms, where supply and demand between buyers and providers of education services, content, knowledge and data are organised. The platforms meet the word values as defined in the HOSA/MOSA and align with international agreements and standards.   
  • The sector has an identity management infrastructure (think of facilities such as eduID, which is being further developed for wallets and microcredentials).   
  • A sustainable service exists so that the developed solutions remain available even after the Npuls programme ends. 
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Programme manager
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Captain of transformation

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