About Npuls

All institutions for vocational education and training, research universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands work together within the eight-year programme Npuls. The educational institutions are joining forces to enable a system transformation in education. With that transformation, the education system will be better able to meet the continuously and rapidly changing society and educational needs.   


In this programme, educational institutions are working together to improve the quality of education, increase the manoeuvrability of education and improve the digital skills of teachers and learners (aged 16-99). Investments will be made in a joint IT infrastructure and a knowledge infrastructure for the sector.  

For the duration of the programme, educational institutions will each set up their own Center for Teaching & Learning. Teachers and their teams can go there for advice and training on the (re)design of their teaching. The ambition is that all institutions will have such a centre in the next eight years.   

In addition, two national transformation hubs will be set up where the knowledge, innovation, and development power of education, research, and public and private parties are bundled and where experiments are carried out together to solve complex problems.  

Thanks to the programme, it will soon be easier for learners to register for the education provided by all institutions and to find all study results in one place. Agreements with publishers and libraries will ensure that learners can also find all their learning resources in one place. Learners and instructors can use digital facilities to improve the quality of teaching and learning without having to worry about privacy or security.  


The National Growth Fund awarded the Npuls programme €560 million. The application was a joint initiative of all public senior secondary vocational education institutions, universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science was closely involved in the development of the plan and monitors the progress of the project. In the programme, we work closely together with other organisations in the field of education.   

Start of the programme  

Right now we are busy preparing the programme: giving shape to the programme organisation and filling the first vacancies for key positions in the programme organisation.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to: info@npuls.nl

More information will follow shortly on this website.