Update reference framework privacy and data: focus on AI and vocational education training schools

Npuls is working on an update of the reference framework for the Data and AI programme. This time, we are expanding to vocational education training schools and delving deeper into AI in education.

01 July 2024 2 min

In vocational education training schools, specific topics such as duty of care and the guidance of minor students play a larger role than in universities of applied sciences and research universities. Due to the intensive support provided to vocational education training students, it is crucial that personal data is used carefully. AI offers new possibilities for educational institutions, provided this is done responsibly. How do you ensure student privacy? What are the legal requirements? What ethical dilemmas might you encounter, and how do you address them? These are the core questions surrounding data and AI.

Input from Experts and Users + Survey
In the coming months, we will collaborate with experts and users to make the reference framework suitable for vocational education training schools and to incorporate AI themes that are important for privacy and data. Under the leadership of Menno Jehee, a team from Npuls is working with field experts on this process and organizing working groups.

We have prepared a questionnaire (in Dutch) for educational professionals and students to gather input on new topics for vocational education training schools and AI. We are also gauging interest in contributing to the next version.

Fill in the questionnaire


Would you like to contribute to a working group or need more information? Please contact Bram Enning (bram.enning@npuls.nl) or Dominique Campman (dominique.campman@npuls.nl).